How To Make A Decision

How To Make A Decision was a project that I completed for an interactive video class that I took in the fall of 2020. The goal of the assignment was to create an interactive e-learning tutorial which was highly engaging for the user.

My Role

As this was a solo project, I worked on all aspects of the production including scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and delivery.


Research > Concept & Approach

Design > Script & Storyboard

Design > Production & Interaction Design

Delivery > Polish & Publish


To create and deliver a polished interactive e-learning experience


Due to the fact that this class took place during the height of the pandemic, I had to be be very creative with my execution as I was limited with my options for filming the project.


I decided to use motion capture through a VR app called Flipside Studio. This creative thinking allowed me the opportunity to generate a video of high production value using minimal resources under very tight budget and time constraints.


I looked at different e-learning experiences and tried to differentiate the aspects that made them special from the competition. What I discovered was because of the saturation in the market, teachers needed to find a way to differentiate their content from other e-learning creators. As a result, I tried to utilize a sense of humor in my experience so that people would naturally want to keep engaging with it.

User Flow

I created a user flow of how the user could engage with the content and because the narrative was branching, at which points the user would have agency to change the experience.

storyboard of how to make a decision


Over the course of this project I applied many problem solving skills to create an e-learning that was of high production value. I wanted to create something that people don't typically see in the e-learning space and based on the small sample of feedback that I received, it was a very successful and effective approach.